Logo Mobile Sales

Logo Mobile Sales, a sales automation solution working as integrated with Logo ERP solution, offers a solution set integrated with mobile and internet technologies to be able to manage customer requests and sales operation best.

Effective Field Management

Logo Mobile Sales enables to carry out all processes such as sales pricing, campaigns and routes. With Logo Mobile Sales, you can manage your field teams, track them on a map, follow your field operations through Logo ERP solutions, and send your purchase orders to customers faster.

Fast and Efficient Customer Service

While your sales agents access to actual stock and current account information alongside of your customers, you can quickly enter an order, draw up an invoice, and make collections.

Customizable Reports

With report design tool, you can create a report specific to your needs and share it with customer instantly.

Special Invoice Design Opportunity

Mobile Sales provides for the wireless printing of invoices through Bluetooth printers. Whether narrow or wide, invoices can be easily printed with the printer sets which have been develop especially for the tools.

Mobile Compatible Barcode Scanners

You can perform your purchase order and invoice transactions by scanning barcodes with barcode reading handheld terminals. Barcode reading functions is support by Android tablets and mobile phones.

Voice Command Feature

Logo Mobile Sales enables to perform your operations such as voice customer and material searching and note taking. It is enough to say the first few words of a product intended to be found in the list. Voice command feature allows for fast and easy transaction.