Retail Sector Oriented Special SaaS Solution for Your Sales Processes

Diva POS which can be accessed by your central units and branches, points of sale and dealers associated these units over the internet allows you to follow up and manage any stock, purchase, sales, cash flow, cash and banking transactions for your sales channel.

A Structure Specifically Designed for the Retail Sector

Diva POS has been designed in such a way that it is fully adapted to the dynamism of the retail sector. It allows you to adapt easily to the increasing customers demands and optimize the business processes quickly and at low cost. With Diva POS, you will leave your competitors behind!

Hardware Cost Decreasing with the Advanced Cloud Technology

By means of Diva POS’ advanced cloud technology at global standards, you do not need to make investment in hardware such as terminal and server etc. Your information is stored, preserved and backed-up safely in a cloud reserved for you. Thus, you get rid of the initial investment cost and you can make payment at the rate of resource utilization. Without any additional cost, you can always use the most up-to-date version.

Fast and Easy Transition

You can run Diva POS over the cloud without a need for any data center or database installation and without waiting for an expert for application. All you need to do is to access your account through a computer with internet connection.

Award-Winning Solution

Diva has been the only solution nominated from Turkey for 2013 Euro Cloud Awards. In the Turkey category for awards, it won the 1st place in “Cloud Service Customer” category, and the 2nd place in “The Best Cloud Service”.

e-Archive and e-Invoice Integration

With the integration of Logo  e-Archive and e-Invoice solutions, you can issue electronic invoices in Diva POS, send them instantly to the integrator, and you can issue  e-Archive invoice or a bill of lading containing a “Follow-up No” information as well as an “Information Bill” to final consumer, and you can submit your monthly reports to the Revenue Administration by the integrator.

Customer Satisfaction Increasing with Comprehensive Data Flow

Diva POS allows to provide service completely from all of your points to your customers and make detailed analyses, by means of common customer database. You can monitor from a single platform your information of customers who have traded with your points of sale, products they have purchased and calls and requests they have made to your consumer services department.

Easy Integration with ERP products

Diva POS provides integration with the ERP products you use in order to have a perfect retail management system. With Diva POS which can also work integrated with the products Logo and Netsis, you can provide an uninterrupted information flow between the center and points of sale.

Full Compliance with New Generation Cash Registers

With the communiqués published by the Revenue Administration of theMinistry of Finance of the Republic of Turkey, a legal obligation regarding New Generation Cash Register use has been imposed on concerning taxpayers. With Diva POS developed in compliance with the changing structure in this scope, the users will continue working in full conformity with the legislation, by means of New Generation Cash Register integration.