Logo Mind Insight

With its flexible architecture, ease of use and interactive visual elements, Logo Mind Insight which provides real-time reporting and analyzing opportunity to the users allows data in a disorganized form to be displayed in several manners such as graphics, maps and tables, by means of its fast, effective and simple design.

Dashboard Feature

By means of easy and user friendly dashboards, it allows your enterprise to perform data analysis quickly.

Easy Handling with Drag&Drop Feature

Logo Mind Insight analyses all relations between data sizes, with its combination of data indexing engine and smart images. It enables you to discover some spots remained hidden in traditional approaches and conventional inquiry based data models.

Quick Access to Multiple Data Resources

Logo Mind Insight gives a large-scale point of view for the multiple data resources without compromising on performance.

Access Opportunity from Any Device and Anywhere Intended

Logo Mind Insight adapts to any device intended without making any additional upgrade, and allows the analyses commenced on a desktop computer to be carried on tablets and smart phones.

Storytelling Feature

With Logo Mind Insight Storytelling feature, you can share the analysis results with visual elements and improve communication and cooperation with your team-mates.

Interactive Reporting

By means of interactive reporting, it allows your enterprise to generate reports quickly by having your employees work simultaneously on the same report.

Data Integration

By means of easy data integration included, it allows you to analyze various data from each unit of your enterprise, under a single roof.