Fast and Uninterrupted Solution in Work Flow Management

Increase your productivity by improving your business processes with Logo Flow which allows you to perform the work flow design with its advanced interface without any need to coding!

Speed Use

You can perform through a single screen the forms within the work flow, user/authority identifications and all the arrangements for the process.

Mobile Compatible

Logo Flow, which you can use independent of time and space by means of mobile compatible interfaces, allows you to manage your work flow anywhere.

Process Productivity

You can improve your process productivity by means of ability to display the assigned works within Logo Flow, search among existing works and notify via e-mail.

Instant Control Opportunity

You can instantly monitor and mange the status of work flows in your company with detailed management screen of Logo Flow.

Integrated Structure

You can increase the performance of your business processes achieving targeted productivity by means of Logo Flow, which works as integrated with the Logo solutions.