Logo CRM enables a firm that sells products or services to control and manage its processes before, during, and after sales in integration with Logo ERP solutions.

Creating Corporate Memory

It enables you to define and group easily your potential and current customers, vendors, suppliers, etc., and to prepare offers based on negotiations with selected firm/person.

Collecting all Documents and Contracts at a Single Location

It helps you reach, manage, and report all bulk transfers, related documents, e-mails, contracts, and after-sales satisfaction/complaint reports on a single platform.

Time Management

It works in synchronization with MS Exchange and MS Outlook, and thanks to the corporate CRM agenda which is customizable in the form of daily – weekly – monthly and yearly views; it allows you to track activities, route management and interviews, and visit plans of your sales force and after-sales team and to have an effective management and reporting mechanism.

Relating a Document and a Customer

It can create as much main folders or subfolders as desired, and keep your documents, templates, scanned versions of a document containing a genuine signature, and necessary company documents (word, excel, pdf, drawing or picture…etc.) It relates these documents to your customers, interview records, opportunity and offer records or after-sales service records, and enables you to view instantly which document is related to which customer.

Activity Management

Keeps a detailed record of all potential or current customer route visits, calls, meeting notes of your sales force or after-sales teams, and enables you to report them using the pivot table feature.   Furthermore, it supports your enterprise’s corporate memory by allowing you to reach which of your employees has talked to your customer on which subject, and what the details of the conversation are.

Customer Management from a Single Screen

It helps you track the whole process including your sales opportunities, project and tenders, and view and manage what has been done and talked in relation to the opportunities, at what date and by whom, and which offers have been given, along with the relevant documents and e-mails.

Offer Preparation Process Feature

It helps you prepare your offers much faster thanks to fields, views, and templates customizable to your offer processes. It offers a much flexible offer process thanks to past price check, optional offer, alternative offer, and production relation features. It allows you to minimize “human error” with the help of offer approval processes that can be designed in a number of methods in line with your requirements, and instant current account risk limit and remaining stock amount checks that are performed automatically from the database of your Logo software.

After-Sales Process Management

It helps you manage your customer satisfaction – complaint processes, technical support processes or call center processes working in integration with your IP exchange thanks to the “Support Center” that can customize your after-sales services as required.

Full Integration with Logo ERP Solutions

Owing to instant integration enabled by Logo solutions (GO 3, Tiger 3, Tiger 3 Enterprise), it allows you to track current account statements, order statements and risk limits of your customers.  Furthermore, it offers a feature that enables you to check instant stock quantities of your products, and automatically transfers your offers converted to sales to Logo ERP solutions as an order or dispatch note.