Company Profile

Rednet IT Services is an international professional services company implementing ERP systems and Compliance Management Solutions. It is founded in 2013. Rednet IT Services has formed partnerships with Logo (Turkey)  to bring international IT systems and expertise combined with localization know how to the Egyptian and Middle Eastern marketplace.

We are offering to our client’s rapid, flexible, proper and decent services with our product Netsis Erp application in different sectors such as textile, food, construction, plastic, retail and trading by our expert team members. We are also constantly endeavor to improve our products, our services and ourselves in order to assist our existing clients in running more smoothly.


Affordable, ultra-flexible, rapidly adaptable and quickly customized solutions

Highly qualified and talented team

+ 10 Years’ experience in Egyptian market

+ 50 Customers in Egypt in different sectors


We strive to contribute to the development of Egypt‘s business environment by providing our clients with state-of-the-art business software solutions that unify international and regional standards and requirements.  


ABOUT Logo Yazilim A.S.

Logo was established in 1984 as a software house to develop business and engineering solutions. Today, Logo is the leading provider of Enterprise Application Software for SMEs and enterprise level companies in Turkey, as well as a major player in the international market.

With its solutions, services and innovations, Logo is the fastest growing company in the industry with more than 800 value added resellers and extensive network of distribution channels. Logo currently provides services for more than 85,000 active customers in Turkey and the region. Logo’s solutions are sold in 45 countries and are available in 11 languages and several business practices and legislation to meet the users’ needs, through authorized business and distributors. Since its foundation, Logo has been an engrossing and innovative leader of Turkish Software Sector due to the innovations it introduced through its products, services, and business processes in this sector.Investing in different businesses and technologies, Logo has realized major breakthroughs and income growth subject to organic and inorganic growth in the recent years. Logo offers a wide range of products and aims to provide solutions for companies to increase their efficiency and profitability by managing processes in line with international standards. Logo is the first publicly traded IT company in Turkey. Through a fully marketed offering to qualified investors in October 2016, the Company’s free float of 25,3% increased to 61,3%. Logo’s majority owner is Logo Teknoloji ve Yatırım A.Ş.