Logo Ocean

Logo Ocean, a warehouse automation solution working integrated with Logo products, enables to optimize all the merchandise movements along supply chain and to optimally manage all the processes in warehouse, and it helps to increase profitability and productivity.

Wide Range of Module Options

Logo Ocean solution have the features of including all respective business processes such as purchasing, production, sales, distribution management and labeling etc. With unique warehouse management system having the process automation skill, Logo Ocean provides productivity in all processes specific to your business enterprise. Logo Ocean offers a wide range of options including Goods Receiving, Settlement, Supply/Feeding, Shipping, Goods Collecting, Stock Management and Production.

New Generation Technologies

Logo Ocean meets your need for labeling and label reading with barcode, RFID and square-code technologies, among automatic identification methods. You can walk around in warehouse three-dimensionally, and you can achieve a better layout with warehouse control. You can successfully manage your full-automatic warehouses with the robot module built to manage your AS/RS systems designed for palletized warehouses.

Handheld Terminals

With Logo Ocean, you can perform your operations with barcode and RFID technologies via handheld terminals. You can carry out your goods receiving, shipping, series / lot transactions, production, foreign trade, pallet/package and setting processes practically with Neon, by means of ease of use and rich functions.

Adaptive Flexible Platform

With Logo Ocean, the only Supply Chain Software having RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool in Turkey, you can perform any improvements in a shorter time and at a lower cost by adapting precise processes in warehouses. By means of Reporting and Adaptation Tools within, it provides competitive advantages generating direct solutions for processes in compliance with sectors, and it helps to improve the processes.