Standing out for the strength of its products, rapid implementation experience, ease of use, service, and especially the quality of aftersales support, Netsis continuously improves its performance by rapidly adapting the state-of-the-art technologies coupled with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Structure Meeting Multiple Needs

By means of features such as Enterprise/Holding logic, support for Oracle databases, multiple language support, line based safety application, balanced scorecard and business intelligence, you can meet several needs of your enterprise under one solution.

Entity Branch Structure

Management of organizations that are made of more than one company may require separate units to be formed. Only with complete software support will the optimum level of corporate governance be possible for these units.

Dynamic Coding

Dynamic Coding presents the opportunity of making customization or developing special software to be worked on in Netsis Enterprise.

NDI (Netsis Data Inspector)

Does your Administrative Office need to keep records of inbound/ outbound documents? Does your company gate security need to know the identity of the guests in the facility? With NDI, you can easily design data entry screens specific to your company, and develop applications with more functionality  using Dynamic Coding and NetOpenX

Balanced Scorecard

Alongside of financial data and figures, the “Balanced Scorecard” which cannot be determined with figures and indicated with tables and called as “psychological values”, such as customer relations, functionality of business processes, innovation capability, performance of employees, adequacy and functionality of information-communication technologies, is included in the essential functions.

Cost Accounting

Access up-to-date and correct data instantly with Cost Accounting, beat the competition!
Cost Accounting module, by evaluating your data and generating reports, makes all the information you may need available to you. This allows you to easily manage your company like a conductor, with swift and accurate decisions. Using this module, you can conveniently determine the impact of cost components such as labor, material, energy, depreciation, semi-product, etc. on each unit of your product, and expediently determine the cost of your sold goods.

Supply Chain Management

It enables to bring together you, your customers and suppliers in an efficient e-collaboration environment carrying out all information flow extending from the supplier to the customer in an electronic and common environment.

Production and Planning

To keep the complex production processes under control is crucial in order to conduct varying customer purchase orders and supplies in compliance with deadline at the right time. It provides production and planning functions with advanced features in order to actualize innovations and improvements to grow your enterprise.